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Laurel Farm Kitchens only use the highest of quality materials, here is a selection of some of the materials we use, click on the sections below for more information about each.


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Wood is one of natures finest and most solid materials, emitting life and individuality with no two pieces identical.

When formed as a solid hardwood kitchen work surface it can beautify any kitchen it graces, we offer this timeless and classic creation whether its a single run or a bespoke masterpiece.

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All of our corian work tops are hand crafted to individual requirements and templated to ensure a perfect installation. Solid and non porous corian is the same all the way through its thickness, which makes it easy to maintain. Customer accents can be added to the work surfaces such as inlays, up stands and edge detail.

With its unlimited design flexibility inspired colours, durability and stain resistance corian brings beauty practicality and imagination into your home.



Image of Travertine. Used in Laurel Farm Kitchens

Travertine is a sedimentary rock, which is made up of layers of calcite formed from the accumulation of organic matter in hot springs and spa areas. The Stone has a natural honeycomb structure where water has flowed through the material.

It is a very strong stone which when cut exposes the small holes on the surface these can be left unfilled to leave a natural texture or they can be filled with a very hard resin and honed smooth, Small holes may appear on the surface over time, this is part of the charm of this ancient stone.


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Granite is an igneous rock, which means that thy have been formed from liquid magma deep under the earths crust, which has slowly cooled over long periods of time.

Granite is a very hard stone which can take a polish and has a low porosity, it should still be sealed for ease of maintenance.


By using only solid natural timbers we can ensure that our cabinets and furniture maintains its integrity under the rigors of a lifetime wear and tear. Some man made composite materials such as melamine or veneered chipboard easily damage, become very vulnerable to damp and are prone to swelling and delaminating. The Use of these materials dramatically reduces the quality and life span of furniture and kitchens.

With our unique old pine range all visible external material to the front of the furniture is original old pine which has been stripped, stored and selected for your project. Painted cabinet fascias are of tulipwood which is a solid hardwood, stable, durable and knot free.


Great pride is taken in the quality of our cabinetry. Each piece is built by qualified experienced cabinet makers, who use time honored carpentry techniques:

  • Mortice and tenon
  • Dovetails
  • Solid brass butt hinges
  • Press laminating for curved work

All proven methods of construction.


The secret to a high quality finish is the base material, preparation and expert application.

We offer lacquered, oiled, waxed and paint finishes. An oiled and waxed finish adds a certain lustre to beautifully grained woods but does require periodic re coats to maintain a deep finish.

Cabinets to be painted are built from knot free tulipwood and are meticulously prepared, primed and hand painted with brush stokes following the line of the grain to highlight construction and individual components.

In our opinion consistently achieving the highest standards in these three key areas ensures our clients receive lasting quality.

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